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Best Toilets (bowls and tanks) in Kenya and a buying guide

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You need some basic knowledge while choosing a toilet for your dream home. It is vital to select the best fit that matches your floor tiles for a uniform home design. Also, consider the following factors, choosing the best option within each feature area. 
Flushing Technology and Waste Handling
Following are the possible technologies and an explanation for each; Different toilet models have different technologies for flushing waste, and the type of flushing can result in efficient flushing and economical water use.
The most popular type of toilet is the gravity-fed model, which you have undoubtedly already used. In this case, the handle is pulled, and the flush valve opens, allowing water to flow into the bowl with pressure. The water then washes out the waste to the trap way using gravity. These toilets are less noisy but consume more water. They may smell less since they have more water.
Pressure-assisted toilets: which means they employ pressure in addition to gravity. The force used might be from an electrical pump or rising water from a large bladder in the tank. Due to the lower water usage, this toilet is less noisy and may produce an odor.

Double cyclone systems include two nozzles that allow water with high pressure to be directed to the siphon for an effective flush. This system employs the combined force of gravity and water to create a forceful pressure enough to clean the toilet.
Flushing type
The flush system's design can accommodate numerous flushing methods, each of which will produce a distinct set of effects and some of which will use less water than others; these methods are listed and explained below;
Single-flush toilets use more water but are easy to use and require little maintenance. There is just one button or lever to flush the waste with a single type.

Double flush toilets have two flushing options: one for liquid waste and one for solid waste. If there is a handle, there are also two control options: a half-rotation flush for liquid waste and a full-rotation flush for solid waste. These environmentally friendly toilets use less water but are more challenging to use and cost more to maintain.
Toilets come in a variety of shapes. Usually, the shape is just for interior design purposes, but you can occasionally choose the appearance that you find most comfortable to use always remember to consider the bathroom floor tiles when making such a decision. You can also decide on a shape based on the available space or overall home design.
Elongated toilets have an oval form. The elongated toilets' front tip is practically acute.

Round front toilets are typically not perfectly circular, but round. Unlike oval toilets, which have a sharp forepart, round toilets have a round forepart.

Compact elongated toilets, which are typically oval but are similar to elongated toilets in that they are smaller or shorter, are appropriate for tight spaces.
The color you choose should reflect your preferences as well as the interior decor of your home. Most toilets are typically white. However, many hues are available, such as black, creamy, etc.

The material used to make toilets is typically vitreous china, which is typically a blend of different types of clays. Some are made of ceramic tiles. Hence the finished product is not porous, stain-resistant, or scratch-resistant. Although the toilet bowl is designed to support large loads greater than 200 kg, the materials used to make it can fracture under severe forces; as a result, you should take precautions when handling a toilet.

Standard toilets typically have a height of 15 inches, but dimensions can be adjusted to meet your specific needs if you need them for children or persons with disabilities.

Toilet Trapway
The toilet's trap way which connects to the drain pipes is a curving path at the foot of the toilet. Choose a proper trap way to avoid clogging, however, if it does happen, the trapway should be simple to unclog. The two varieties of trap ways are concealed and open; the concealed ones have a nice appearance and are simple to clean.

 Remember to consider the above information while selecting a toilet for your home. It is also vital to note your floor tile while deciding the material and color of your toilet since it has an overall effect on the interior of the home.



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