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Type of Shower Heads In Kenya

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Vassy tile company supplies and installs all types of showers in Nairobi. We sell high-end shower products to our clients.

Before making a buying decision is vital to consider the following example,

· The water pressure.

· Kind of water.

· Warming framework in your home.


Following are the various shower heads available in Kenya with their benefits for easy decision-making.

Showerhead with a single spray

 it is the most common showerhead available in Kenya. It is simple and basic. It has no mobility. Hence you are limited to the intrinsic shower design that is attractive and non-exclusive. Also, due to its small size, it is used in re-centers, hotels, and other public shower facilities.

Customizable Showerheads

The shower heads are simple and basic but offer customizable shower heads for their numerous design. There are usually three designs to select from, while others have up to 12 different shower design options. The design allows each person to adjust their setting with the flip of a button. Since there are no other components other than the showerhead, it is straightforward to implement. Depending on how many there are, they can cost anything from very little to a lot.

 High-Pressure showerheads

Shower heads are preferred. It's easier during showering and also feels incredible on your skin. However, water usage will be high and hence not economical. Also, not environmentally friendly due to the wastage.

Eco-Performance Shower Head

It is designed to use less water than conventional showerheads by working at low pressures. Normal showerhead use about 2.5GPM of water but the eco execution showerheads can use about 1.5 GPM. Hence about eight gallons of water is saved per eight minutes of shower. The total amount of water saved yearly would be 3000 gallons of water.

 Instant Shower Head

It is a modern design with four temperature setting to choose from. It also has a large shower area giving a spacious and uniform water jet. It's a good choice for modern home design with beautiful ceramic tiles finish.


Now you know the various showerhead and their benefits. We offer a variety of affordable and high-quality ones as well. Check out our product section for more information on the currently available shower brands.






















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