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How to choose kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories?

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For many owners, hardware accessories often don't pay too much attention to it. When shopping, many people also focus on cheap, affordable, and economical, but ignore the quality of hardware and its importance. Take doors and windows as an example, even if you choose high-quality aluminum, high-quality glass, and poor-quality hardware, the doors and windows are still at risk of shaking or even falling off.
Similarly, bathroom hardware, furniture hardware, etc., that we come into contact with in our lives, cannot be chosen arbitrarily, so as not to cause a lot of trouble to ourselves in the future.

Bathroom hardware purchase skills:
Bathroom hardware often includes: towel racks, bathroom supplies racks, shower curtain rods, showers, faucets, hooks, tissue holders, and so on. In the humid environment such as the bathroom, the most feared of hardware accessories are oxidation, rust, moisture, and decay. Therefore, pay attention to the material when purchasing. The mainstream hardware pendants on the market mostly use space aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel and brass.
If you have a budget, then the choice of titanium alloy material is the most ideal, but titanium alloy is a relatively difficult material to process, and it is estimated that it is not common. Secondly, you can consider brass, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy hardware according to your own budget. It should be noted that nowadays, copper electroplating is also good or bad. You get what you pay for. There are many fakes and inferior products, so you can't try to lower the price. Similarly, the quality of aluminum hardware is related to its oxide film. The thickness of the film is not easy to grow aluminum rust. Stainless steel is also exquisite, divided into 304 and 201. The former has a high nickel content and is not easy to rust. If you buy 201, it is very easy to rust.
In short, when choosing bathroom hardware, in addition to paying attention to the material, it is also necessary to see whether the surface of the hardware pendant can be made with good craftsmanship, uniform plating, and whether it is firm.

Kitchen hardware purchase skills:
Kitchen hardware often includes sinks, faucets, cabinet pull baskets, drawer slides, cabinet door hinges, and so on. When choosing kitchen hardware, we must also pay attention to quality. For example, because cabinet doors often need to be opened and closed, cabinet door hinges cannot choose cheap and inferior products. The quality of the hinges directly affects the service life of the furniture. If you don't want the cabinet door to fall off within one year, brass hinges are ideal.
There are also kitchen drawers that need to be drawn frequently. If you choose poor hardware, problems such as derailment, jamming, loosening, and abnormal noise will inevitably occur. When shopping, push it with your hand to see if it needs a lot of force and whether it is smooth.
In addition, the faucet is also the top priority in hardware. Once you choose low-cost and inferior faucets, it is related to your own health. In the later period, not only water leakage is likely to occur, but even water quality may be affected and lead to human lead poisoning. It is recommended to choose a well-known brand with quality assurance when purchasing. The surface coating of the faucet should be as bright as a mirror, without oxidation spots, no pores, and no leakage of plating. It is better to choose a faucet with a brass body + a ceramic valve core.
When choosing kitchen hardware, besides paying attention to its quality, function and color, you should also consider its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and other functions. After all, the kitchen is a special environment. Only hardware that balances beauty and practicality can support a good kitchen.



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